Andrade Floor Cleaning and Services

Clean, shiny floors help buildings and institutions make the best first impression on their visitors. Clean floors are also long-lasting floors, for dirt can scratch and damage tile, vinyl, wood and other flooring materials. We provide the best floor cleaning and services in Los Angeles so that your flooring remains clean, attractive and protected.

We offer a full range of floor cleaning and waxing services for all types of flooring. Whether you have floors made of vinyl, ceramic, tile, terracotta, slate, or other material, our floor cleaning services provide quality cleaning at an affordable price. Our floor cleaning and services in Los Angeles include high-speed polishing for a professional shine, honing to remove scratches, and waxing and sealing to protect your flooring.

Schools, apartment complexes, office buildings and more all trust us for floor cleaning services. Why not join this list of satisfied customers? Please contact us for more information on our floor cleaning and services in Los Angeles.