Mopping is not enough to clean the stubborn dirt and other contaminates that creeps deep into the pores of grout lines. The dirt builds up leaving the tile and grout looking dark, dirty and discolored. This dirty grout build up is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew.

Andrade Cleaning Services can restore the natural beauty of your tile and grout using the latest cleaning technology. Our system allows us to remove years of build up with ease thanks to our top notch cleaning products and equipment.

After we clean, we will apply a color sealant to help protect and extend the life of your grout and tile. Right before your eyes you will see a dramatic improvement.

We can also repair and match grout colors as needed. Please read the testimonial from one of our happy customers about our service.

"Our kitchen grout was cleaned by Andrade Cleaning Services. The kitchen is brighter; in fact, our kitchen almost looks like new! They did a wonderful job. The best grout cleaning service in Los Angeles is Andrade Cleaning Services!"
- Alexandra Campos'

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