Andrade Cleaning Services offers pressure washing services for the exterior of buildings and walkways.

It's often a good idea to periodically clean walkways and entrances. Keeping these areas clean is safer for employees and customers. Cleaning the exterior walkways also keeps the interior environment cleaner by minimizing the amount of dirt and grit that is tracked inside by people's shoes. Dirt and grit can soil carpets and wear down vinyl surfaces and hardwood floors too.

Pressure washing, water blasting, steam cleaning, house washing, high pressure washing or power outdoor washing are designed to clean and restore surfaces as close to its original state as possible. Pressure washing is hot and strong enough to remove unwanted stains and debris such as gum, paint, oil, rust, mildew, algae and any type of mold.

Here are some surfaces you can clean by pressure washing them as opposed to replacing or resurfacing:

• Concrete
• Stucco
• Brick
• Patios & decorative cement surfaces
• Driveways, sidewalks & walkways
• Gazebos & pool decks

Pressure washing can also be used in surface preparation before painting.

Andrade Cleaning Services is concerned about the world we live in and uses environmentally safe products.

Andrade Cleaning Services proudly providing pressure washing services in the Los Angeles County area. We would be happy to speak with you about your pressure washing needs and give you a FREE ESTIMATE!