Restaurant cleanliness is extremely important. Maintaining the cleanliness is more important than with other types of facilities because it's a place where customers visit and spend time every day. The consequences of having a less then superior clean restaurant can be devastating in more ways than one. If the strict health code standards regarding cleanliness are not upheld, the establishment could face fines or even closure.

Andrade Cleaning Services understands and is committed to providing consistent high quality service that ensures your eatery looks and is exceptionally clean every time you open.

Areas typically serviced include, but are not limited to:

• Kitchen
• Grill Line
• Lounge
• Bar Area
• Dining Areas (including Patios)
• Restrooms

Andrade Cleaning Services has many years of experience and is very well qualified in the restaurant cleaning industry. We will customize and adapt to your cleaning schedule and needs.

We are very confident our expertise will shine through every time you open for business.

Andrade Cleaning Services, a professional company, providing restaurant cleaning services in the Los Angeles County area.